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The devil, Demonic powers, Have you ever wondered that if Satan is real? In his book HOPE: Hell to Heaven, Evangelist, author, film‑maker, and ex‑satanic worshipper exposes the kingdom of the devil by serving the Kingdom of God. Sterry was born on 6th November 2000 in a middle‑class Christian family in Fort Kochi, India. His father was a businessman and his mother was a beautician. He is the oldest son in his family with a younger sister born after him. Though being born Christian, his family wasn’t saved and lived a nominal life around witchcraft practitioners. At the age of 6, his mother left her family and went abroad to work for their financial sustainability. With her being distant to him, he longed for a relationship with his father. But all he received was much more isolation from love and drowned in rage and pain. Neither his father nor the God that he prayed for answered for his agony. With his desire to be loved growing cold, he met a stranger who narrated Sterry’s life as if he knew him from the beginning and left him after giving him a box. Sterry wore a seven‑coloured bracelet and a scary ring and met the devil in his room that night and was offered comfort and power through a covenant with the devil. He was captivated by that fearful hope for power and love, sold his soul to the devil, and called the devil, Lucifer, his father. He was already into witchcraft and mentalism for his father was a mentalist and practiced witchcraft, so it wasn’t a tough decision for him to choose that path. He learned that he wasn’t the only one pledged to the devil in his lineage but his great grandfather and his father also. As a diligent son, from the age of 14, he educated himself to the devil’s principalities, ceremonies, witchcraft, astral projection, and most of the demonic kingdom. He met many people like him, some are senior to him and are namely witches and warlocks. He also met non‑humans, the demons, or the evil spirits, and partnered with them. Contrary to the path he chose, he was warned many times by an unknown voice that made him think about his actions but was taken back by the fear he had of the devil. While all of his days are flooded with serving the devil, his family began living for Christ, whom he just heard about for he was a Christian before he became an atheist. He was welcomed to the church and prayer meetings. He was permitted by the devil to attend to them but not to believe those lies about God. With no attentive motives, he attended them. Unlike the impression he was given by the devil about God, he was moved by the gospel of Jesus and the love those Christians showed him. He finally found that the God they worshipped, Jesus, is the only hope he was longing for and the God that the devil hid him from. He found the truth but the weight of his chains to the devil kept him in bondage. He realised he wasn’t a child but a slave to satan. He began knowing Jesus and believing in Him. Meanwhile, he was mentally and physically tormented by the devil with fear and bruises for the betrayal. He was lead to committing suicide twice in the early days of 2020, to end this miserable life. But he was miraculously saved. He was once taken to hell and was exposed to the true nature of the devil, who was ruling his life. In the same moment, that once unknown voice was now known as Jesus spoke to him, asking, “Will you be my child?” and he replied, “Yes!”. The answer broke all the chains and defeated the devil with no authority over him anymore. Through the cross, Jesus led him out of hell to life. After the encounter, he destroyed all the books, occult objects, and everything that’s of his past life. Read More – The one who destroyed the lives of the devil is now helping to build their everlasting lives with Jesus. This is not just a story, This is not just a book, This is my Life, This is my testimony.